Promotional Drink Coasters

Promotional Drink Coasters

In marketing, you have to try and line up purpose with message to maximize your effect. If you advertising a new kind of software, the internet is the perfect venue, since you know viewers of your ads will already have some computer proficiency. If you are advertising shoes however, it might be better to market somewhere a little more, such as at a marathon, or in a gym.

Drink coasters are a niche marketing tool which can provide you with two narrow, yet intense audiences for your message. On the one hand, coasters can be targeted directly to people who care about their beverages. This can include connoisseurs of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic fare. On the other hand, you also have the potential to reach a group of people who are actually unique in their use and display of coasters. These are people who are a little more meticulous, and take a little bit more care in the preservation and condition of their possessions.

However in general, you can’t just distribute free promotional coasters to the general public and expect them to be used. Most people don’t use coasters and if they do, they are too meticulous to allow advertising on them. That is why you have to find clever ways to put your coaster message in front of an engaged and willing audience, to see a good return on your investment.

Beer Coasters and Bars

Using coasters to target people who enjoy an occasional spirit is a tried and true tactic. If you step into any average bar in America chances are you will see a variety of cheap rubber discs scattered about, brightly imprinted with the logo of this beer company or that. Distilleries give the coasters to bar owners free of charge because they know that this is a great way to place ads directly in front of their target market, in a setting where the audience has access to the product.


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