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Live PSL Cricket Scores On Your Mobile Phones

For the statistically inclined Cricket enthusiast, the on demand stat may add a new dimension to your own knowledge. Such lovers can know about the personal milestones of their favorite players, in addition to accomplishments by a specific group with a glance at the dwell Cricket score. Live Cricket score is becoming as a supply for Cricket lovers to really feel the delight of a Cricket game, even though missing the live activity on the Cricket area or on TV.

Most Cricket sites provide their customers with a downloadable Cricket score card at However, this is the age of mobile phones and wireless communication. People today are inclined to look for information on their mobile phones, since they can’t sit in front of a TV set or Pc screen throughout the entire match.

Many operators have used this happening to bring in gain by sending live scores through sms, yet this system is expensive and also the information to the consumer is minimal.

In all this, most people are looking for ways to acquire more affordable and many information. I’ve been trying to locate something fresh. I’ve attempted many applications which offer live scorecards and other information but not one has managed to come near the caliber of Cricket Companion.

Cricket companion is the latest from the whole lot and is wonderful. It’s basically a free Java based mobile application that uses GPRS to upgrade live Cricket scores on our coffee enabled mobile phones, but it just doesn’t end there. It not only supplies live Cricket scorecard but in addition, it supplies more wealthier information like charts, complete scorecards, forthcoming fixtures, previous benefits and a whole lot more.

Being a Java based application, compatibility is no problem. This makes it an international application enjoyable in just about all areas of the world on all types of mobile phones. Second, GPRS technology makes it more economical. Compressed data allows quicker upgrades, nevertheless keeps GPRS prices to minimum. It surpasses SMS upgrades in frequency, speed and price of information.